About Rushnychok

Honouring Ukrainian Culture Through Dance

Rushnychok Ukrainian Folk Dance Association is a not-for-profit parent-run, organization that teaches traditional and modernized Ukrainian dance ever striving to embody our vibrant and living culture.

Rushnychok gathers and welcomes our dancers into a family, where the studio is another home, a safe place to be ourselves – A place where camaraderie is as important as our commitment to exceptional technical training.

Our dancers’ repertoire is constantly changing as our team of award-winning instructors continues to develop new and exciting dances that reflect Ukraine’s old traditions and capture the refreshingly free spirit of a progressive and modern nation.

Our Wednesday evening classes allow students to learn from experienced teachers with over 60 years of combined experience! Dancers are welcome to attend any level; as long as you’re 3 years old up until high school graduation day.

About the Significance of our Club Name


Rushnyk (rushnychok used as an endearing variation) is a ritual cloth embroidered at the ends and sometimes thru-out with compositions that have historical meaning passed down from generation to generation. It is a symbol of material Slavyan (Slavic) culture and is instrumental in Ukrainian cultural traditions and rituals. The rectangular shape (runner) is symbolic of life’s journey. A rushnyk is used to hold a baby at a christening, it remains with the person throughout their life, and is used in their funeral service at the end of it.

Each region in Ukraine has its own designs and patterns. The color of the thread has sacred meaning. Red represents life and love, and is typically the main color used. Black, which represents sadness, is the next most used color.

Ryshnyk is used in many traditional rituals:

  • Bread is carried on it to welcome guests at weddings and other celebrations
  • Ryshnyk embroidered with light colors only was used for baptismal
  • A bride-to-be would embroider rushnyk to be used on her wedding day at the altar. As the newlyweds step onto the rushnyk it will bring them happiness and prosperity. Quite often doves or swans were part of the pattern on the wedding rushnyk as they represent love and fidelity
  • A rushnyk was given for good luck in new life to children leaving home
  • Rushnyks also adorn altars, icons, and pictures

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